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We all desire health in many aspects of our lives, good health comes from good emotions,good nutrition, and exercise, it’s simple!

Every thought that we think release Chemicals in our brain, knowing how to master our emotions to work for us is the key.

It’s very important to state every thing in a positive way, a lot of people say they want to lose weight and this is very negative expression, your subconscious dosen’t want to loose, and your subconscious focused on the weight ,so you end up gaining weight, so it’s best if you focus on being healthy, having lean body, athletic body.

It’s the same for quitting smoking, when you say you want to quit smoking your subconscious is focused on smoking, better to say I like having fresh air in my lungs, healthy lungs, breathing fresh air.

There are positive triggers and negative triggers,positive triggers trigger positive behaviors, negative triggers trigger negative behaviors,the awareness of your triggers is important, so you can access good behaviors instantly.

Also with NLP you can heal personnal history, timelines, phobias, and traumas, so you have healthy emotion.

Health Tips:
Nutrition is very important , the processed food, the preservatives in the food, play in our brain chemistry, healthy food is essential for healthy emotions, if you starts with whole organic food to balance your brain chemistry, choose food without preservatives, it's not about calories, it's about healthy whole foods, organic is also important because, the pesticides are harmful for our bodies.

Spending time in nature in silence is essential for well being , a study research found out that 20mins in nature heal ADHD kids, we are overly stimulated everyday with electromagnetic waves and sounds, that affect our brain chemistry.

Be active daily, simple things that you enjoy, l like dancing, this is my daily exercise, swimming, walking, you don’t have to go to the gym to be active for example park your car far away so you can walk extra minutes, it add up.

I would love to help you help your self to have an optimal health on every level physically and emotionaly and spiritually.